What is it?

Personal, on snow Ski Training device. Wireless. Instant. Sets up in seconds. No mods to your equipment.

Transmitters Velcro-strap to each shin, with pressure sensors under tongues. Wirelessly communicates to Controller in your parka pocket. Earbuds signal when pre-selected body position is lost. How?

In "Forward Pressure" mode, you (or your coach) select desired forward pressure point. Audio beeps you whenever you “get back.” Real time!

In “Boot Proximity” mode, you (or your coach) select desired stance. Audio beeps whenever boots drift together.

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What kind of skier are you?



Measures ankle flexion via pressure on boot tongue
  Fine-tune independent foot function and hip position
  Lock in that perfect turning arc!


Easy-to-use, audio response system
  Find and keep that ideal body position
  Works great with your PSIA instructor, too!