What is it?


Personal, on snow Ski Training device. Wireless. Instant. Sets up in seconds. No mods to your equipment.

Transmitters strapped to each shin wirelessly communicate with the Controller in your pocket. Earbuds signal when pre-selected body position is lost. How?
  • In "Forward Pressure" mode, you (or your coach) select a desired forward pressure point. Audio tones beep at you whenever you “get back.”
  • In “Boot Proximity” mode, you (or your coach) select a desired foot separation stance. Audio beeps whenever your feet come together (or too far apart).
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Sasha Rearick, U.S. Ski Team, Men's Head Development Coach, says

"We look for athletes that can maintain ankle flexion as a basic skill. I have found the Forward Ski System to be a great instant feedback tool to get any skier more balanced. Instant feedback is what will take racers to the next level in the shortest amount of time. I recommend Forward Ski to any skier that wants to improve their ability to execute on the mountain."
"2014-15 U.S. Alpine Ski Team Photo: USSA"