Sorry, but Coaches should be teaching how to race, not how to ski.


OK, coach, what is the most important function that you try to get across to your racers? I will bet it is “get forward”. The real question is why are racers not able to grasp this fundamental skill? Because they do not understand what it feels like.

Ask yourself, how many seasons does it take to get a racer in a consistent, forward balanced, independent foot stance that allows them to make 30 or more controlled racing turns?

The Forward Ski System is designed to instantly, teach a racer what it feels like to have ankle flexion and to keep their feet apart.

Bottom line, the System turns you into a coach and turns your skiers into racers. Is all this important? Read Sasha’s statement on the right side of this page.   ➽  ➽  ➽  ➽ ➽ ➽ ➽



OK, so now what? Get a couple of Systems for your team and suggest that your upper level racers get their own units. Use the team units to get kids over the hump of making a forward balanced turn. Individual ownership is important for racers to fine tune their individual technique of making turns. Turn shape is one thing but learning where to turn and how to get to the best line for that turn is another and what coaches should be doing.



OK, two. I get it, your time is valuable and limited. Once you get Systems, how do you start? First, you need to ski with it to understand the power it gives you in the discussion, even if you use it while setting up drills, you will then understand what it does.


This is how you use the System with little or no time on your part.

Introduce it as a cool, new, training tool. Don’t leave an impression that it is punishment for not making a good turn. Give it to one of your experienced racers and team leader, show them the Quick Start Guide and walk away. They will figure it out. If they need help, there are links to the “How To” videos in the guide. You now have an “assistant” that can set up other racers.

When you see him/her on the hill just make sure they are setting the system in a light forward stance to begin with. Have them make a couple of runs on easy hills to get used to the system and then send them up on a steeper pitch. That is where they will learn what they are missing.

What does this get you, the coach? Instead of harping about body position you get to teach them how to set up turns, where to run the line, how to manage a race course, and how to win. Much more rewarding. You get to coach a racer, not teach skiing.


Here is another thought. Kids don’t have fun when they are continually asked to do something that they think they are doing correctly. Dropouts, burnouts and all the other reasons for not continuing racing around the age of 15 are initiated by some form of frustration. The “I am, coach!” is an indication of that frustration. Put them in a System and you will see an instant transformation.