Forward Ski is Not a Gimmick

Forward Ski allows an athlete to truly understand their coach, making every minute of training more valuable and productive.

Ask your child what they are told most often by their coach and then ask their coach what they work on the most.  Now read Sasha Rearick’s quote to the right on the page.  There is a reason he is focusing on this skill.

What Forward Ski does for athletes:

-Provides an instant understanding of body position.
-Opens a much more effective line of communication between coach and athlete.
-Builds Confidence.
-Gives your child what they need to make a serious improvement in their skiing.

Parents get:

-Get the most out of every dollar you’re spending on your child’s coaching.
-You get to see your child have more fun learning a lifelong sport.

We are in a sport of thousandths and every advantage is a requirement.

The Forward Ski System is a truly fantastic system. Skiing with it really helps me improve my skiing to the point where my coaches, and even my family notice significant improvements in my performance. The system helps me maintain forward pressure, and keep my feet apart. Keeping good body position has helped me start winning races, and have more fun! I think that Forward Ski has the potential to help many other skiers improve their technique, and have more fun on the mountain, just like it did for me!
-Anna Hayes, U16, Sky Tavern Race Team