Sasha Rearick, U.S. Ski Team, Men's Head Development Coach, says:

“We look for athletes that can maintain ankle flexion as a basic skill.
I have found the Forward Ski System to be a great instant feedback tool to get any skier more balanced. Instant feedback is what will take racers to the next level in the shortest amount of time. I recommend Forward Ski to any skier that wants to improve their ability to execute on the mountain.”

Micheal Savage, Program Director, USSA Gold Certified, Waterville Valley Academy, says:

“Your coach is with you while refining your skill, however, athletes only receive consistent professional feedback while standing still, either at the start, at the finish, in video sessions, over the radio, etc. Which are all positive feedback opportunities, but always before or after the fact, never during the process. The Forward Ski System coaches during the process, with instant feedback!”

Julia Ford, Badass, World Cup Athlete, Olympian, says:

“The Forward Ski works because it provides instant and accurate feedback. It allows the athlete to know what part of the ski and boot they are actually using. While we get coaching feedback, it is difficult to understand that feedback when we feel something different on our skis. Forward Ski allows you to hear where you are on your skis and, therefore, fight to move forward and make a ripping turn.”

AJ Ginnis, U.S. Tech Team Athlete, says:

“The Forward Ski System is an excellent tool to help improve your skiing. It has helped me develop a better feel and understanding of what it takes to arc a turn on different types of terrain. The system forces you to continuously push on the front of your boot, which helps you better engage the tip of your ski throughout the turn. This makes your turn more powerful while you’re more balanced. 
I have personally used this system as part of my warm up routine these past 2 weeks down here in New Zealand and I have already felt and seen improvements in my skiing.”

Bryce Bennett U.S. Speed Team Athlete, says:

“I believe the Forward Ski System is a valuable tool for all ages to become aware of incorrect habits, then grants you the ability to learn proper movement patterns in your own unique way.

Todd Brickson, Program Director and Head U16 Coach, USSA Gold Certified Rowmark Academy, Says:

“As we all know, ankle flexion is a critical skill and we talk about it all the time with our athletes during video analysis.  But the Forward Ski System is our first experience in instant, real-time feedback for this skill, creating an infinitely more effective learning environment.  The system works great, it is fun to use and the setup is straightforward. Congratulations on inventing, engineering and bringing to market a great tool.”

Nate Jenckes, Women's FIS Coach, USSA Gold Certified, Waterville Valley Academy, says:

“What I love about the Forward Ski system, is the simple fact that it has no opinion or perception of skiing movement. It simply beeps when there is no forward pressure and is quiet when proper pressure is maintained. It takes interpretation out of the process, and provides instant feedback.”

Alexx Nawrocki, U21, Waterville Valley Academy, says:

“Through my use of the forward ski system I’ve seen a big difference even with in a few days. It is a constant reminder to keep pressure on the front of my boots allowing me to have a cleaner top of my turn, which in return allows me to move into transition earlier. I found it a great tool to use warming up to remind the body at the beginning of the day. This is a great device for all levels and I see it making a big difference for a lot of skiers.”

Dasha Romanav, U14, Purgatory Ski Team, says:

“I really like it… It’s very beneficial… It does help me understand what my coach is telling me by beeping until I fix it. Naturally, while I am skiing, I want that beeping to stop, so it helps me focus a lot more.”

Madison Lord, U21, Waterville Valley, Eastern Athlete, says:

“I use forward ski system in my warm up to establish balance on my skis. It’s a great tool to have for self coaching and playing around with your own style of skiing. Forward ski system rocks my ski socks off.”

Michael Rogan, Fundamental Skills and Technique Coach, USSA Team Academy, says:

“Being able to use the front of the ski and stay in balance is a cornerstone to great technique and successful ski racking. The Forward Ski System provides instant feedback to you regarding these fundamentals. There is no doubt when you get it right!”

Haley Castner, Atomic athlete, U16, says:

“The Forward Ski System tells me when I have and don’t have forward pressure. When the device beeps in my ears it means that I don’t have forward pressure and that I need to change that. When it doesn’t beep, I know I am forward in my boots! I would recommend Forward Ski to everyone because you only get so many runs in a day so taking a run and having your coach tell you after that run or even after two runs can be a waste of time. But the Forward Ski system provides instant feedback during your run and drills. When I have the Forward Ski System on I am always in an athletic stance and it keeps me forward it my boots. This helps me make quicker turns, recover from mistakes, and have more power and control. I love the Forward Ski System and recommend it to everyone!”

Frank Deras, Ski School Director, PSIA level 3, says:

“I have used the Forward Ski System myself first and it works! I train with it myself to kick those lazy habits. After a couple of runs I’m back on the right track. I’ve shared it with other instructors and get the same positive results. The best thing about Forward Ski is the instant feedback. Your client or athlete will know what you mean when you tell them they are in the “back seat”, or their feet are too close together. Great tool to enhance your teaching and coaching!”

Anna Hayes, U16, Sky Tavern Race Team, says:

The Forward Ski System is a truly fantastic system. Skiing with it really helps me improve my skiing to the point where my coaches, and even my family notice significant improvements in my performance. The system helps me maintain forward pressure, and keep my feet apart. Keeping good body position has helped me start winning races, and have more fun! I think that Forward Ski has the potential to help many other skiers improve their technique, and have more fun on the mountain, just like it did for me!

Ella Renzoni, U16, Whistler Mountain Ski Club, says

“My first initial response was “wow this is a crazy piece of equiptment” For the first run or two I was getting used to the beeping in my ears. With many turns on the first few runs I noticed the beeping kept happening at the same time on most of the turns. This right away got me thinking. My inside foot at the apex of the turn on both left and right turns always sent a ringing to my ear. I quickly realized I had 2 different ways to stop this. Either pull back my inside foot and be capable of putting pressure on the front of my liner or try to pressure more on my inside ski without pulling but this way quickly showed me that I lost full control of my outside ski and caused the beeping in my other ear! The first choice was correct. Immediately I started focusing on this. The technology quickly showed me what was wrong the moment it happened, instead of waiting to see video at the end of the day and potentially wasting 10 runs. I was able to change my skiing so quickly by coaching myself with help of the contraption. The contraption (Forward Ski System) also really helped me with realizing my super back seat skiing. When I was in the back seat both ears started yelling at me! The noise really got to me… which is actually a good thing because it got me to stop using my “Super Back seat position” faster. The faster I stopped the noise the better my skiing was. I was loving having the contraption helping me. It truly improved my skiing within the few hours I used it!”

Mollie Jepson, U16, Whistler Mountain Ski Club, says:

“I really enjoyed working with the sensors in my boots. It gave me the opportunity to be very proactive and make changes in my skiing on my own. At first it was a little bit challenging to figure it out because it is extremely sensitive, which in the end was a good thing because it catches all your movement throughout the turn very accurately. During the time I was using this technology I was able to make so many changes that honestly could have taken me days to figure out. The sensor really brought my attention to what I really needed to work on in my skiing, allowing me to make the appropriate changes very quickly and with little help from anyone but myself. It also kept me very engaged while skiing, I found myself thinking about my every movement while I was taking a run instead of only reflecting after my run. I was able to figure out exactly what my issues were and then use my experience to help find a way to fix it. The technology gave me the opportunity to be so much more independent and only ask for help from the coaches when it was really necessary. I strongly believe that it is very important for all racers to know for themselves exactly what they should be working on in their skiing and this technology really helps. I could love to continue to work with the sensors in my boots for all these reasons.”

Jordan Williams, Head U16 Coach, Whistler Mountain Ski Club, says:

“Thanks again for having us test the Forward Ski System. The two girls that we had utilize the system are very impressed with what they were able to achieve in a short time with the unit, as you can see by their letters. The dialogue and discussions that followed were really intriguing from a coach’s point of view as both of them really enjoyed the autonomy and self-directed coaching in their skiing. I am a full-on supporter of this system and I am looking forward to acquiring a unit ASAP”

Natalie Riffe, U21, says:

Has the system helped you make changes in your skiing?

“Yes, majorly! I never bent my knees because I always felt like I was to squatted, but with the Forward Ski System I learned that I needed to feel like that instead of being so straight legged!”

Do you feel that instant feedback helps you understand what your coach is telling you?

“I absolutely do, I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time but once I used the Forward Ski System it finally clicked.”

Have you finished first yet?
“I have! 3 times actually! Thank you so much!”

Sophia Sahm, MBSEF, 3rd sl. Winterstart 1/14, 2nd gs. U16 Qualifier Mt. Spokane 1/15, says:

“I’m very excited about Forward Ski! It has helped me to become more aware of how to move throughout the turn to maintain forward pressure. This has really helped me in my focus to engage the outside ski earlier in the turn.”

Brenda W. U14, says:

“The instant feedback is awesome. It is my coach chirping in my ear to get forward instead of just telling me at the bottom of my run.”

Anna Y. U14, says:

“I love the Forward Ski System so far and have even leant it to some of my friends and backseat skiers. When a coach gives me a pointers I often forget to concentrate on them while in the course. But, with the instant feedback I can continuously think about my technique throughout my run. It creates a more productive training environment.”

Sami W. U14, says:

“I feel that the Forward Ski System helps you understand where you can improve in your fundamental skiing because you understand the adjustments you can make. For me I haven’t been moving forward into my transitions but hearing that was really good to know because I understand what that really means. I let a friend on my team use it and she said that she has not skied that well before and she was super happy with her progress that day…”

Harrison Peterson-Park, 16, Sky Tavern Race Team says:

“When I first saw the Forward Ski System, I thought it was intimidating. It turned out to be the opposite. It is convenient and easy to use! Before it I could barely finish a race without falling. Now, I am on the podium, and ski racing is so much more fun!”

Noah W. U14, says:

“I would describe the system as a great way for athletes to get better with spacing and forward pressure. Great system and the instant feedback helps so much so you know exactly what you’re doing wrong the second you do it. Great system!”