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Forward Ski System products are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects for one year from date of purchase. Repairs or replacements will be made at FSS option. See full warranty information in the Everything Guide PDF document.



Unused systems, in new condition and in the original packaging, may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. YOU MUST CONTACT FORWARD SKI PRIOR TO RETURNING A SYSTEM TO RECEIVE A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. Write that return number clearly on the outside of your package.

ALWAYS use a shipping method that is insured, as FSS can be responsible ONLY for units “tracked” to our returns center. Include your full contact information inside the shipping carton.



  • FSS will fully refurbish your [out-of-warranty] system for a flat fee of $35.
  • This refurbishment is highly recommended for heavy users.
  • Allow two weeks.
  • Include your credit card and clear return shipping & contact info, please!
  • Only ship your unit to us via a fully insured method! Ask first!

How To Videos For New Users

Changing the Batteries

Setting the System

Wearing the System

Additional information regarding The Forward Ski System can be found in the following brochures:


Why use the Forward Ski System?

The Forward Ski System improves your skiing technique. To make a ski turn, you must force it to flex. Today’s skis are designed to make flexing (bending) the ski easier than ever. The FSS helps the skier learn to control body position to take advantage of the design of all types of skis. Immediate feedback tells the skier where they are in relation to the optimal position to make the skis, flex, turn, and find the balance needed to perform!

How much forward pressure do I need to make an arced turn?

We have discovered that you don’t need very much. There are three positions, back, neutral, and forward (of course in varying degrees). To make a modern ski arc, you need a continuous position between neutral and forward, with moderate ankle flexion. In the manual it states “a neutral stance” for the initial set point so you can learn what the system does. That is very important because the perception is that you need a lot, when in actuality, you do not.

How does the FSS “Proximity” function work?

First, place your boots about 4-6 inches apart to set the system. Then, an audio tone will tell you when your feet are coming together. It’s that simple! Proper foot separation is essential to lower-body position, and making modern skis carve properly.

Can I do both functions at once – Proximity and Forward Pressure?

Nope, too much information! Use your FSS training time to focus on one aspect of your technique at a time. Although, the smartphone app can log all parameters at once!

Why does the FSS not have a speaker system?

The benefit of the FSS is having left and right independent feedback, which the skier needs to be able to tell which leg is doing what and when. A speaker system does not have the volume to overcome the wind while skiing or the separation of information needed to accomplish those objectives.

Can I shut off my system while on the lift ride up?

Sure, just hit the power button, then reset at the top. Or, simply hold the “volume down” button until the system mutes, and turn it back up at the top.

Is there an FSS app for my smart phone?

Yes! There is an optional FREE iPhone and Ipad app that you can track your progress, review your turns, and show off to your friends! You can download it now for the Apple App Store.

How do I use the FSS app for my smart phone?

Once the app is downloaded and installed on your phone you are ready to download your logs. Ensure that your Forward Ski System is in “Mobile App Mode”. To enter “Mobile App Mode”, first turn the system off and then hold the upper left most button (left increase arrow) on the Hand Controller as you turn the system on. Hold the button for ~3 seconds, or until you hear “Mobile App Mode” through the headphones. You are now ready to download logs from the FSS to your phone.

1. Hit the “FSS Data Logs (view data logs on the FSS)” button. This will connect the FSS to your phone, and display how many logs are available to download.

2. Hit the “Download Data Logs” button. This will download all available data logs from the FSS. Once download is complete, the logs will be deleted from the FSS.

3. To view the logs, simply tap them on the screen.

-You may rename your logs by hitting the “i” icon on the right side of the log name.
-The date and time on each log is when the log was downloaded to the phone, not when the log was recorded.
-You can email a CSV version of your log from the graph screen.

Email us at if you have any additional questions or concerns!

What is the warranty on the FSS system?

There is a 100% replacement warranty on the system for one year, including shipping, 
when returned by the original purchaser. No external damage, such as being
 crushed or broken.
 After the first year there is a complete service or repair for $35 on any system needing 
attention when returned by the original purchaser (again, as long as there is no external damage,
 such as being crushed or broken).

What parts are susceptible to damage?

The FSS housings are made with heavy plastic and should be impervious to normal
 use.  The rubber in-the-boot sensors are quite tough and resistant to pulling or stretching. They can, however, be cut or punctured. But not to worry! Rubber sensors are easily replaced, contact us for a free spare. Just follow the instructions in the FSS Everything Guide. Though they may not survive if the racer 2 seconds behind you pours gasoline on them, ignites them, and throw them from his roof in a jealous fit…

How long do batteries last in the FSS?

Hand Controller batteries last about 60 hours (included). Boot Transmitter batteries last upwards of
 75 hours (also included). OK to use re-chargeable batteries (not included).

Is this worth the cost?

What price is victory? Seriously, we see a lot of new skis bought when it is technique that needs help. Put your money where it matters!

About Us

Inventor Chris Bender runs a large logistics company in the Reno/Tahoe area, but his mistress is car racing.  He’s owned and piloted everything from race karts up to his current ride, a March 821 Rothman’s Formula One car. But he’s also a Dad, who took a keen interest in junior ski racing.

With his inquisitive mind always thinking “there must be a better way,” he wondered why race cars have literally hundreds of electronic channels reporting dynamic performance data, while ski racing had none.  Likewise for recreational skiers working with an instructor — it’s all verbal, and “watch me…do it like this,” yet in a digital age!

Bender’s weekend coaching became a passion.  Junior racers blossomed under his guiding eye.  At the same time, ski technology was revolutionized by the shaped ski, which places an absolute premium on “weighting” the ski correctly throughout the turn, by inducing forward pressure on the boot tongue.  And that was the birth of an idea.

Bender’s race cars routinely measure, electronically, pressures of all sorts – wing pressures front & rear, wheel loads at all four corners of the chassis, suspension shocks, etc.  Why not do the same for ski racing?

He developed his first Forward Ski System prototype in 2010.  On-snow testing always, prototype after prototype.  As the test units got more reliable, and more sensitive, racers and coaches began to fight over them.  “It works!”  Coaches loved not having to “nag” at their kids to “get forward” all the time – let technology do that!  And finding that correct “stance” to activate all four edges on the snow?  Again, let technology do it!

Bender applied for a patent on his product in 2011 and launched the Forward Ski company in 2012.  He marries his passion and inventions with his long history of ethical business dealings to create Forward Ski System.  The rest is history.

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